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My name is Shilla, but my friends call me “Shilz”, actually so does my mother! I am of African descent but raised in East London. I have gone through the acceptable stages of education that are usually required from an African household, yep, I am a graduate and have a 9-5 therefore I hold the title of “professional”. The day job is serious and demanding at times, however, I balance it out with a fairly fun and active social life with family and friends.

Forever looking on the brighter side of life, I believe that laughter is good for the soul and if you don’t laugh through rough times then you will end up crying, hence I came up with the name Coffee Morning Laughter. Why Coffee Morning laughter? Because most conversations happen over a coffee and at times in the morning. However serious these conversations or dilemmas have been, laughter has been guaranteed if you are talking with me.

Friends describe me as committed, faithful, levelheaded, focused, ambitious, understanding, wise, friendly, bubbly, funny and happy. I believe I work hard so I play hard too. You can usually catch me at a restaurant on any given day of the week (this is not to say I don’t cook) lol, I enjoy shopping, in fact, I consider it a sport, lol!! I am a keen runner and last but not least, I love a good holiday… favourite places; South of France, Greece, Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Marbella and Formentera), Italy and of course anywhere in Africa!. 

Fun Fact about me, at this big age I am still a committed Beyoncé fan… yes, I have met her twice and have signed merchandise and yes, I still go to her concerts… I am sure I could pass a test on her and destiny child in my sleep!

I am governed by principles and I have values that stem from my religion of choice, life experiences and the variety of friendships and relationships I have around me. I am eccentric in my ways and quite unpredictable in what I may say next! I don’t belong to one social group as I believe that we are made up of different elements and one must be in different environments for all elements to surface.


Life is about having a balance, living, loving and laughing! In that order is how I live my life … never a dull moment with Shilz.



My name is Djenys (pronounced with a silent D). Straight from the rivers of the Democratic Republic of Congo via East London. That also makes me bilingual so if you hear me struggling with English, please understand my bilingual life lol! By day I’m a HR professional. 


I’d like to believe that I’m the life of the party. My friends would describe me as loyal, thoughtful, funny, direct yet sensitive. A lover of perfume; my motto is if I smell good, then I feel good. I love fashion and I’m a full-time sneakerhead - with an impeccable selection. 


Fun fact about me, im a part-time faux oenophile and I love to brunch and that’s my happy place. What better way to enjoy your weekend than catching up with your favourite ladies of brunch. 


Here’s to a good conversations with plenty of laughter of course.

My name is Michelle, I am married with children. I am from Nigerian descent, born in England and love both countries dearly. I currently work in social care and have over 10 years Experiance in this field.


My main enjoyment in life is a full nights sleep in my bed!! lol. But I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends - mainly eating. 

My friends would say that  I give all or nothing and I’ve come to see that as the truth and it’s only because I’ve learnt the need to practice self love, in order to get the peace of mind that I deserve.

I would say I’m a “plain Jane” but with a lot to say, I am an over thinker who often reminds herself that deep down I don’t care for peoples perceptions of the type of person I should be.

Join us as we have conversations with alot of laughter!


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