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Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity is having the ability to manage your emotions no matter the circumstance.

It’s knowing how to respond in tough situations and still keep your cool, be content and act in a diplomatic manner.

Characteristics of Emotional Maturity

Some of Characteristics of an emotionally mature person are: -

  • Taking Responsibility

  • Showing Empathy

  • Owning p to mistakes

  • Being unafraid of vulnerability

  • Recognising and accepting the needs of others

  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationship's

How to develop emotional maturity.

A large part of emotional maturity comes from being in tune with your emotions and being honest with yourself about how you feel, especially in uncomfortable situations. It's incredibly tempting to ignore feeling a particular emotion or having memories that we find uncomfortable and even painful at times especially when a particular person is involved.

Ways to develop your emotional maturity include
  1. Cutting people slack

  2. Trying not to care so much about what people think of you or say about you

  3. Stop blaming others for your problems

  4. Becoming more aware of the impact you have on others

  5. Learning to handle criticism better

  6. Learning to set boundaries

  7. Leting go of the small stuff

  8. Communicating effectively

  9. Being positive regardless of the situation you are in

  10. Continuously adjusting and re-adjusting to the circumstances of life

A lot of situations can frustrate you in life but being flexible and knowing you don't know everything in life helps you to see things from a different perspective. If you are on the journey of trying to be more emotionally mature remember whenever you are in an uncomfortable situation seek out multiple points of vies to help give you a more informed view

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