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Four Colours of Lies

When it comes to lies, we need to be aware of the characterisation for each colour. You may think you're telling a white lie and that it’s okay, but in fact you are impacting and affecting someone's life. The reality is lies of any color have consequences. And there are, in fact, four colors that can be attributed to lying read below as we lay them out.

White Lie

White lies are harmless or deemed to be trivial especially when told to avoid hurting someone's feelings while making ourselves feel good. When we tell a white lie we seek to help others as we think we are being considerate to their feelings.

Grey Lie

Most lies we tell are arguably gray lies. As with white lies, they are partly to help others and partly to help ourselves. They may vary in the shade of gray, depending on the balance of help and harm. Grey lies are sometimes hard to clarify because the reciprocal benefit of lying for you while those they have harmed in some way lose out.

Black Lie

A black lie is sometimes considered the worst kind of lying. Black lies are simple and callous selfishness.

“Deliberate misrepresentation of facts in order to deceive.” - dictionary

When we tell black lies others gain nothing and the sole purpose is either to get ourselves out of trouble or to gain something we desire.

Red Lie

Red lies are about spite and revenge. It is said that these lies are driven by the motive to harm others and are detrimental to self and others involved. These kind of lies potentially have the greatest consequence. They often layer upon themselves and spill over into the atmosphere causing personal and collective distress and, ultimately, permanently broken trust.

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