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Happiness After Divorce

One of the most challenging and stressful events in life is having to go through a divorce.

Divorce comes with an incredible emotional upheaval, where you have to deal with so many issues and possibilities especially having to figure out how to manage a new financial reality which more than often includes care for children.

During the divorce period which takes different times you are vulnerable and may want to just hideaway from the world.

From dealing with the legal advice of a solicitor and the emotional support of a therapist you have to seek the practical advice and support and guidance that is required to navigate through such a tricky time and discover a positive future for yourself.

The process of divorce can be all-consuming for a long time and can be draining for both parties.

Below are some self help tips to help you heal & find happiness following on from divorce:-

  • Don't ignore how you feel, your feelings are valid

  • Remember that change is always difficult so, don't be hard on yourself on these kind of days, it's a process

  • Ask for support from friends and family, having support helps make the healing process easier

  • Don't keep on providing fuel for your negative emotions, it's only going to weigh you down and prolong you moving on

  • Seek professional help like counselling

  • It is possible to be friends after it's all sad as done

  • Remember that you will find happiness again, you just have to keep seeking it.

If you or anyone you know needs help with a relationship breakdown or in the process of divorce and would just like t speak to some one, send us a message to

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