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How Being With The Right Partner Can Cultivate Your Purpose

In today's society “Finding your purpose” can be viewed as a cliché or perceived as an unrealistic dream that may never be fulfilled. But, little do alot of people know that finding and living a life that reflects your dreams and aspirations is actually a tool for a better, happier, healthier life that too few people attempt to use but never achieve because of the turbulence of life.

To live intentionally with a purpose solely dedicated to you and your wants and needs can be hard, first you have to know what stage you are in life and the expectations associated with that stage. Thereafter, actively make steps to actively live in the stage you are allegedly supposed to be in.

In our recent podcast we discussed Erik Ericssion’s Stages of Development, Now based on the majority of our followers who are in the ‘Young Adulthood’ stage which is approximately 19-40 years of age, you are supposed to be forming intimate, loving relationships with others.

If you are in this stage but have not stumbled upon your purpose in life, below we outline 3 ways how being with the right partner can cultivate/nature your purpose and kick it into formation:

  1. Being in a supportive relationship can help you thrive by enabling you to embrace and pursue opportunities that enhance a positive well-being, broaden and build resources, and foster a sense of purpose for your life purpose and therefore have a meaningful life.

2. Your partner will show interest by paying attention to your purpose,listening and caring.Your partner may help you connect and make a good impression with potential clients or on projects which ultimately leads to the success of reaching your goal.

3. When you are with the right partner they will help you explore your interests. The things you like to talk about and the things you enjoy sharing on social media may reveal the things that give you purpose in life. If your partner encourages you to pursue them and regularly hits that like button, it will naturally give you a sensation of feeling loved, valued and heard, which all contributes to building your confidence in pursuing your life purpose.

Having a sense of purpose gives you a sense of control and a feeling like what you do is worthwhile. Being in the right relationship can definitely cultivate you to find your purpose and increase the possibilities of having a combination of a successful career, a loving family, and a strong social network . However, have discernment from someone else's expectations and the purpose you have for your life as you may end up living a life based on ‘their purpose for your life’. A partner is there to support, cultivate, and protect you inside and out, which aids in a lasting, healthy, worthwhile relationship.

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