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How to Manage Difficult Relationships with Your Partners Family

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

There are some major red flags in relationships that can be difficult, maybe nearly impossible to talk about or take on, no matter how entwined and intimate you are they’ll always be sticky spots and often one of those sticky spots is dealing with each other’s family.

Family dynamics are a lot to have to deal with especially if its not your own family. When it comes to dealing with your partners parents trying to remain cordial, polite and respectful in order to avoid fighting fire with fire maybe hard as you’re more likely to ignite bigger flames based on the fact that you are joking their family.

Common problems with-in- laws

1. Too controlling - Its one thing if you and you partner are on the same page about handling an overbearing figure, but if he or she is obeying their every command feeling guilty then you need to solve this problem quickly.

2. Too rude - Don’t fight fire with fire try to find common ground and get familiar with each other.

3. Too judgmental - Don’t take it too personal if you feel like their attacking you make your partner your ally.

How to deal with your partners parents

  • To remain respectful it all about doing the little things to show that you care for both them and your partner.

  • Try to be patient as sometimes it just takes time for them to adjust to a new person who is in entwined in the relationship of their child. The most important factor to remember is you have an entire human in common, both you and you’re in laws love your partner so do things out of love.

  • Try discussing any issues or disturbing behaviour from your partners parents privately with your partner and do not react in front of your in-laws

  • Try to get your partner to speak up for your relationship and your views on things that affect you

Sometimes even when you or partner know that a family member is difficult its natural to get defensive and overprotective of them. Difficult families can be a very big problem in a relationship, sometimes it’s just best to leave it alone, if your partners family is toxic and you feel like their having an impact on you your family or your partner then you may need to say something or have a talk with your partner and if possible, a cordial talk with both your partner and their parents.

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