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Motherhood - A Mothers Journey

Motherhood is the single handedly most sacrificial role many women face. And it all begins from the moment of conception, your body takes on a role of its own. With symptoms beginning from as early as 2 weeks and last upto 40 weeks.


There are many factors that can affect and challenge a pregnancy. From headaches to weight gain, stress and depression. The toll carrying another human has on any womens body is beyond imagination and one can only relate from experience.

Raising A Child

It really gets real when you have someone under your care who relies upon you to live. This is real mothership! There are so many challenges to this stage like:

  • Giving Children Time.

One of the most imperative parenting challenges that many mothers face today is the scarcity of time. If you are not a stay at home mum and you have to work, sort the house and try to find time for yourself, time can be of the essence!

  • Failure in Imparting Morals and Values

This can be caused by the lack of being able to teach a child appropriate behavior patterns. With the increase in the use of technology and gadgets, kids are lured to the negative side of the internet, provided their activity is not being tracked by parents. Neglection can lead to the world raising your child especially in this social media age.

  • Imbalanced life

When life turns to unforeseen circumstances and you end up becoming the only present parent raising a child, this imbalance can cause challenges in the creation and maintenance of a balanced upbringing for a child. If a mother finds herself in this situation careful consideration has to be made and pre-planned for ways of performing the essential life duties to create a balanced environment.

  • Lack of Emotional Bonding

This a frequent conversation amongst mothers who do not spend enough time with their child, mothers may find it hard to create an emotional bond. Allocation of time spent with the child has to be made to avoid further problems with the mother child relationship.

Parenting An Adult

Parenting plays a significant role in the development of adult achievement, both cognitive abilities and socioeconomic achievements. Moderate levels of warmth, low levels of strictness and high parental expectation are associated with high adult achievement. Research suggests that a child who experiences early childhood trauma, abuse or neglect is more likely to develop profound and long-lasting mental health problems in adulthood, such as 'complex PTSD'. Thus making a relationship harder with the mother.

Being a mother is not easy regardless of what stage or journey of parenting you are on. All we ask is you make sure you look after yourself too. You can only raise a child as complete as you are , so they do not have to recover from their childhood.

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