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Red Flags You shouldn’t Ignore

Over the last couple of months there has been a surge listing on the internet of what has been deemed a red flag in a romantic relationship.

Over the course of a relationship, there will be plenty of topics that'll make you and the person you’re dating uncomfortable. Things like money, how many children you both want, whether or not you both believe in marriage, all of which can be difficult to discuss and sometimes even a little awkward. With this being said it doesn't mean answers should be avoided when asked. And when you ask what should strange characteristic and movements from the other person should you look out for that can certainly be considered a red flag.

We're always told to steer clear of people who exhibit red flags in relationships, but exactly what are the key red flags should we be looking out for?

Below we lay out our six that we think are contending and should not be compromise:-

  1. Frequent lying - Constantly catching your partner being dishonest this can include petty white lies all the same this isn't a good sign.

  2. Constant put-downs - If your partner frequently criticises you or puts you down, even in the subtle or passive-aggressive way, this is not good as it affect your self-esteem and is a form of emotional abuse that can lead to feelings of anxiety and insecurity in the partnership.

  3. An unwillingness to compromise - When everything in your relationship is one-sided and your partner isn't willing to compromise even when it comes to the little things, you may end up over-compromising which can leave you feeling resentful, hurt, misunderstood, and unsatisfied in your relationship - you should proceed with caution.

  4. A tendency to avoid difficult discussions - If your partner always walks away from discussions and has trouble tolerating difficult emotions with the tendencies of not hearing your side, ignoring you for days or even lashing out and fleeing in an attempt to not answer, this behaviour has red flags all over.

  5. Controlling behavior and excessive jealousy - If your partner is the jealous type, be warned this can lead to controlling behavior. This is true especially when you have a social life outside of your relationship with them. A jealous partner tends to start with subtle attempts of control and frequently calls and texts trying to control what you do, where you go and who you see, which eventually increases over time until they fully control you, in the long run this is not a healthy relationship to be involved with.

  6. A lack of healthy open communication - communication early in a relationship play’s a vital role in the future health of your relationship and the satisfaction of being in that relationship. If your your partner frequently turns to passive-aggressiveness, blaming, or expresses emotions in an aggressive way this shows they have an inability to effectively communication, which means they can't communicate openly and healthily, and you're definitely going to run into problems In the long run.

A healthy relationship should provide a safe place for both partners where each person can speak openly on their emotions without fear of judgment or criticism and with total honest.

While you are in the dating phases you can perceive the relationship to be perfect for each other in 101 ways, but if the communication, values and clarity about expectations is not shared and not the same this is deemed as red flags that you need to consider as they can become ongoing problems and put a strain on your relationship, and even lead to much bigger problems down the road which ultimately could potentially stop you from being in a fulfilled relationship.

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