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The Truth About Breakup's And Moving On

Breaking up can be the hardest thing to overcome, especially if you were in a long term relationship. Your emotions are on a high as you evaluate the loss of physical intimacy, the loss of a friend and any friends or family that may have been associated to the person. With all this comes two of the biggest stumbling blocks for anyone in need of healing and wanting to move on; which tend to be not really wanting to move on as you have to adjust to life alone and possibly not knowing how to move on, which leads to the question how soon is too soon to move on? Read below as we show you why it’s almost impossible to figure out this answer, as there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The reality is there’s no definitive time for moving on. The heart, mind and soul all need to heal and there is importance in considering this as you take time to heal, all of which is a process that involves forgiveness, processing grief, acceptance, and re-building independence.

When looking at the timeline of breakups, lots of sites refer to a “study” that's actually a poll conducted by a market research company on behalf of Yelp. The results of the poll suggest it takes an average of about 3.5 months to heal, while recovering after a divorce can take closer to 1.5 years, if not longer.

Studies show that your brain registers the emotional pain of a breakup in the same way as physical pain, which is why you might feel like your heartbreak is causing actual physical hurt.

However, to really grow through a break-up, and move on in a healthy way, you have to be honest with yourself and how you feel about the loss of the person. You need to allow yourself to grieve the loss and to sit with the pain, and to learn from it. It will be painful but it is a prerequisite to the healing process.

Finding ways to navigate the healing process can range and differ on a person by person basis, what is right for another may not be right for you. But, it has been proven that taking walks and getting active both release endorphins that can help you in managing your emotions and help with dealing with the pain. Confiding in a friend or family can also help you work out any questions that you may have and if you speaking is hard seeking help from a professional is advised.

Breakups are incredibly complex and require many layers of healing to fully, completely move on. When relationships truly and deeply matter there’s no off switch when you agree to end it but the one thing crucial to your healing is acceptance, which is the key to moving on along with a shift in your focus and energy on creating a positive new life for yourself without your ex.

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