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Villains and Life

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The majority of people in life don’t set out to be villains in someone else’s story or to make someone else’s life more complicated for absolutely no reason. Yet, it happens and we hear about these stories more often than not. But, what could possibly cause a person to make you out to be a villain? It’s unlikely that you see yourself as a villain in the situation, right? Read below as we detail how you could have contributed to actually being a villain in someone's life without even knowing.

We all have our own thoughts, opinions and belief’s in life that make us sometimes seem like the villain in somebody else’s eyes, and there’s nothing you can do about it. We make decisions daily for our lives and some of these decisions will make someone else’s life hell for a minute.

When making these decisions we are bound to turn into the villain of someone else’s story for a day — or however long it takes for them to get over the offence and forgive you (if they ever do).

A lot of times perception is the main component as to why you would be perceived as a villain; because your actions don’t match the other persons ideology of what should be. Your actions are misunderstood and became a protagonist of their own story, as your actions go against their desires, you become their natural antagonist.

If you want to avoid being the villain, try living to please. It will make you the hero of everyone else’s story but your own. It will make you submissive and eventually become detrimental to your mental health. When you live to please, you don’t live your own life, but the life others have designed for you.

It’s often easy to judge someone else’s actions based on our own narrative of the story. We do this because most of the time, we’re oblivious to the whole picture. Every day people go through situations that consume their mental, physical and emotional health, so when you’re painting someone out to be a villain remember we’re all fighting some kind of battle, and doing whatever we can to put a perfect ending to our own story.

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