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Mental Wellness In Dealing With Change

As we emerge from our homes to resume daily life in the UK, many of us are contemplating routine decisions we thought nothing of before the pandemic. The reality of having to face up to adapting to what seems to have been our reality for the last year (staying at home), people are bound to be anxious, worried, or concerned about living life and making changes, just know you’re not alone.

Social Change Anxiety

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has impacted our mental health. But as we begin to restart our lives and the economy opens, many people are balancing their need to socialise while regaining some kind of normalcy with the chance of potentially risking exposure to the virus and having to re-adjust yet once again. Experts are calling this crossroads of emotions “re-entry anxiety” which extends to feeling awkward near strangers. You’ve been taught for an entire year to distance yourself from people and you’ve learned to be afraid of people because you could get contaminated with the virus and potentially die. This could now result in people avoiding social interactions not necessarily for their safety but the dread of small talk and having to catch up as they have been living life within their four walls!

Changing Perspectives

As challenging as the lockdown period has been for many of us it may have given some people new perspectives on their mental health, mindsets, basic needs and self care routines. During lockdown many people have learnt that keeping a routine is essential for themselves to have a positive mindset and good mental health. Small actions, like going to bed at the same time every night, eating three meals a day and exercising daily have not only kept them physically healthy, but helped in looking after their minds.


The lockdown helped many people to focus on the things they couldn't control no matter how small or big they were. It tightened the need to focus on our mental wellbeing. A lot of people have stopped running from problems and faced up to the reality of life. But we are all still on a journey. As the season changes and the world opens up to the unknown be sure to seek help when you need it, it's okay and will only make you a stronger, happier self.

If you would like to speak to anyone about the current changes taking place in the UK or have questions on how to handle anxiety or fear related to having to socialise please speak to some and check the links below.

Useful Links:

Listen to Podcast Ep:17 The Seasons Changing

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